SWAROVSKI crystal beaded GATSBY STATEMENT bracelet

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Silky green bracelet made of 4 mm Swarovski crystal beads, strung on a rubber line, handmade. It is part of the GATSBY collection, reminiscent of the 1920s. The jewelery is made unique by the exciting silk-gloss coating covering the beads made of specially polished crystals and the star-shaped Swarovski crystal in the middle, symbolizing success and fame. A 925 fineness silver member closes the row of silky beads.


The GATSBY collection was inspired by the 1920s. It is the age of women's emancipation that is accompanied by a reform in fashion. The modern woman is born who wears a short hairstyle, discards the corset and longs for completely new accessories and jewelry. The pearl becomes a defining element of the fashion of the age. Made of Swarovski with a special grinding mechanism, 4mm crystal beads strung on a rubber line form the basis of the jewelry, which is covered with a silky iridescent green coating. In the 1920s, more and more women also achieved success on the educational and work front. Remembering this revolutionary change, we chose the star-shaped crystal as the middle element of the bracelet, which is a symbol of success and fame. The 925 fine silver PELOTE tag and the pearl-shaped closure that holds it give the perfect finish to this chic piece. The product belongs to the S6 category and is available in several sizes. The colors in the photo may differ slightly from reality.

Wear GATSBY SPARKS and SPARK Yourself!

Choose a symbol! MAKE YOUR STATEMENT!


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