We build collections based on themes. We only care about impressions not about seasons. The smell of the melting chocolate, the splendor of the thousand tones of blues and greens of the Aegean sea, the contrast of the days and nights, the color cavalcade of the ports and the slim sailing boats...and million other sources of inspiration. First the theme borns, after that  the forms and at the end maybe the most important part of the process, the colors. We LOVE COLORS and we are in love with the glitter of the sparkling Swarovski crystals, the basic elements of our products and at last but not least we love that you like our jewelry and you SPARK wearing them!

SPARK Yourself!


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AQUA earrings with...


Handmade Swarovski crystal earrings in silver socket from the AQUA collection, evoking the colors of the magical Greek seas. The jewelry is made irresistible by the specially polished sparkling...

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