The GATSBY collection was inspired by the 1920s. The era was spent in the name of modernization, emancipation, and affirmation of life, which went hand in hand with a fashion reform. The modern woman was born who wanted to showcase this in her appearance as well. With the creation of short hairstyles, slender silhouettes, and the simplification of cut lines, the look of  jewelry also changed. The pearl came to the fore, which became one of the main ingredients of accessories. Made with Swarovski’s unique grinding mechanism, the crystal beads strung on a rubber line form the basis of the bracelets, which are covered with a special coating. The SPARK spheres made of bicones, the symbol crystals and the 925 fine tags made of Italian silver make the pieces in the collection even more irresistible. Wear GATSBY SPARKS and SPARK Yourself!


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Handmade DROP necklace made of sparkling Swarovski crystals, with silver chain and Pelote tag. The specially polished bicone crystals, which form the basis of the jewelry that fits perfectly into the GATSBY collection, form a...

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