Our Story 

"Here is my idea. – said Petra as she gave me her drawing of a shining rock imbedded with crystals. My 12 years old daughter’s first design."

And so SPARK was created. An idea of a teenager who had been admiring her mother’s work since she was just a toddler. All she had always wanted was to have a piece of jewelry that isn’t just classy but sleek as well…. Each and every piece is unique in it's own way, assembled with great care. The joining of SPARKling Swarovski™ stones to form something revolutionary.

Enjoy our SPARKling handmade jewelry and unique leather accessories and 

SPARK Yourself 

Our Team

Our Team is a mixture of past, present and future. We have very young designers and collaborators starting with Petra the creator of the original Season 1 SPARK bracelet and our content creators or craft artist. We also work with many skilled, passionate pensionate women who are the best to produce our very particular hand made jewelry. All this mixture of personal is kept together with a middle age management that bravely sails our company boath.