SWAROVSKI crystal MACARON bracelet

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Handmade, SPARK spherical bracelet made of Swarovski crystals, reminiscent of the color scheme of a raspberry-vanilla MACARON, on a waxed, raspberry-colored cotton thread with a sliding knot. The bold color scheme of raspberry-colored and elegant white bicone crystals makes it interesting.


The bracelets in the MACARON collection are inspired by the color scheme and shape of the small French sweets composed by Cake Shop. The name of the jewelry refers to the taste of a special macaron. Crispy, rounded cakes filled with vanilla cream and covered with raspberry-flavored hemispheres resemble SPARK by Pelote bracelets not only in color but also in shape. Wearing the bold-colored SPARK sphere made out of Swarovski bicone crystals strung on a waxed cotton fiber, makes us feel as irresistible as the namesake macarons themselves. Putting on and taking off the bracelet is very easy with the help of a sliding knot. Because the bracelets are handmade, their minimum and maximum circumference may vary. The colors may differ slightly from the picture. The product belongs to category S1.


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Handmade from sparkling Swarovski crystals, SPARK spherical bracelet on waxed cotton thread with sliding knot, from the LOVE IS ALL collection, inspired by love. The jewel is made special by the pairing of raspberry colored bicone crystals and shining Japanese beads.

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