1. The method of payment may be: money transfer before the delivery or PayPal.

  2. In case of shipping, shipping fee is added on to top of the price of the product and is indicated in the provided invoice. The shipping charge is varying in base of the country of destination as listed in point nu.7.1.

  3. Your invoice is sent to you together the package and will be handed over to you by the carrier.

  4. In case you wish to pay by transfer, please transfer your payment to the following account: account holder -› Pelote Hungary Kft CIB Bank / account number -› EUR 0201 437744 500 SWIFT CIBHHUHB IBAN HU83 1110 0104 1290 5586 0100 0003

  5. In case of PayPal please send your payment on Pelote Hungary Kft’s PayPal account.

  6. The Supplier’s Information: Name: GLS Courier Central customer service availability: https://gls-group.eu

  7. Shipment Info:

  8. Shipping fees:

    1. Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia - 10 EUR Zone
    2. Poland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, Bulgaria - 12 EUR Zona
    3. Denmark, France, Italy, Great-Britain, Ireland - 17 EUR Zona
    4. Lithuania, Latvia, Spain, Sweden, Estonia, Greece, Portugal, Finland - 19 EUR

    2. Prior to shipment, we provide you with the expected delivery date. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are free to accept your package at that time.

    3. If you fail to take over your package, you may contact the carrier’s customer service and set a new date of delivery. The carrier is entitled to add additional charges in case of a new shipment.

    4. Shipment is delivered to the provided address. You are responsible for providing an address where you are able to accept your package. Our company doesn’t take any responsibilities regarding shipment delays because of incorrectly specified addresses.

    5. The supplier is only allowed to hand over packages to the person indicated on the package or individuals possessing authorization. The supplier is not obliged to check the validity of the authorization.

    6. You are obliged to control the package on delivery, verify said package and sign the form of acknowledged delivery. We don’t accept any complaints after you have signed this form.