The jewelry of the MACARON Collection was inspired by the shape and color of the French sweets created by the Cake Shop. The name of each bracelet refers to the taste of a special macaron. Anyone who loves these tiny cakes knows that tasting the crunchy hemispheres filled with shimmering creams of different flavors causes a real taste orgy, and anyone wearing bracelets of the same name will experience the enchantment of the cavalcade of the romantic colors. The bold color combinations and the SPARK spheres made of specially polished Swarovski bicone crystals, tied to a waxed cotton thread, make these delicate jewelry irresistible.


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Handcrafted from Swarovski crystals, the SPARK spherical bracelet on a waxed cotton thread with a sliding knot evokes the color scheme of the salted caramel MACARON. White opal and caramel colored bicone crystals make it irresistible.

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