SWAROVSKI crystal beaded COLORS NEON bracelet

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Handmade neon pink bracelet from the vibrant neon line of the cheerful COLORS collection. Made of 8 mm Swarovski crystal beads strung on a rubber line, with a silver tag. The jewelry is made unique by a special, brightly colored coating covering the crystal beads polished with special technology and the SPARK sphere in the middle. The 925 fineness, rhodium-plated silver tag gives the perfect finish to a piece of jewelry.


The jewels in the neon line of the bright  COLORS collection were inspired by cheerful lollipops covered with kaleidoscopic icing. 8mm beads with a special grinding mechanism, covered with neon pink coating and a SPARK sphere made of glittering crystals were strung on a rubber line by hand. The 925 fineness PELOTE tag made of rhodium-plated silver and the locking element that holds it give an exciting finish to this brightly colored, youthful piece. The product belongs to the S3 category and can be ordered in several sizes. The colors of the jewelry in the photo may differ from reality. Wear COLORS NEON SPARKS and SPARK Yourself! Choose a symbol! MAKE YOUR STATEMENT!


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