MONTHS amethyst bracelet with SWAROVSKI crystals

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Brilliant purple handmade amethyst bracelet from the MONTHS collection inspired by the months of the year. The elegant shine of the 8mm amethyst beads frames the sparkling SPARK sphere made of Swarovski bicone crystals in the center of the jewel, matching the colors, and makes this mysterious piece irresistible. The 925 fineness silver tag and holder give a perfect finish to the jewelry.


It is believed that each month has one or more gems that bring good luck to those born in that month. In the MONTHS collection, everyone can find a piece made of “their” mineral. Carefully selected semi-precious and precious stones form the basis of the jewelry, which enclose a SPARK sphere of small, hand-strung beads made by Swarovski. The frost-blowing, mysterious February's bracelet is made of 8mm amethyst beads. Amethyst is magical and mystical, it signifies eroticism and conquest, yet it is a jewel of intelligence and pure thought, it has many layers like the Aquarius constellation that can be attached to it. It is also considered a gem of spirituality, it activates media abilities while helping to overcome addictions and emotional blocks, bringing inner peace to the wearer. The rhodium-plated, silver PELOTE tag and closure elegantly complete the special piece. The color of the product in the photo may differ slightly from reality. The jewelry exists in sizes S, M, L.


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